Boisterous and adventurous child

The Adventurous baby

I have used this expression many times to describe a baby: usually a boy who is full of fun and energy ‘into everything’, fearless and wanting to explore the world. Quite often, they have an independent, determined and persistent streak, which can lead to inner conflict, especially if they have become dependent on them on to help them to sleep. The older babies become very bossy and demanding at sleeptime. My multisensory approach to sleep is just what the adventurous baby needs. In my experience, babies who are naturally independent adapt very quickly to self-settling; as soon as they are in control of their sleep and know how to self settle, the sleep problems are a distant memory.

Follow a simple, structured sleep routine that is baby-led  and not mum -led.

Key points for the adventurous baby

  • Allow your baby to lead the sleep, but you make the rules and you keep the boundaries
  • Introduce your baby to positive sleep associations as they are the key to self settling
  • Very active babies need time to relax and calm down after periods of activity
  • Incorporate playtime in the cot every day, where your baby can sit with toys and teddies in a quiet relaxing atmosphere.
  • As beneficial as they are, nursery and playgroup can be overstimulating for some babies, so take time after a play session to de-stress your baby.
  • Spend 10 to 15 minutes every day sitting quietly with your baby. This is beneficial quality time together. Make it sensory and relaxing.
  • Avoid rushing bedtime, wait until your baby has had enough playtime before starting the bedtime sequence; babies who can relax and self soothe sleep for longer periods at night.

I recommend that you now read the appropriate ‘What to Expect’  chapter for the age of your baby.

The Ultimate Sleep Guide for Babies and Toddlers.

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