here's a little bit about me...

Baby Sleep Problems Help Support Consultant – Evelyn Burdon

Hello my name is Evelyn Burdon, I am a retired midwife and health visitor with BSc Hon in Primary Care. During my 30 year career my specialities were positive parenting, baby and toddler sleep problems, person centred counselling, postnatal depression and baby eczema. I am passionate about supporting and helping parents with baby/toddler sleep problems.

Sleep deprivation is a contributing factor to maternal distress and postnatal depression. I realised to improve mental health and well-being, resolving the baby sleep problem was paramount.

Since retiring from the NHS I was able to concentrate all my energies skills and knowledge into creating the multisensory sleep program . Then in 2011 I set up practice as the Cheshire Baby Whisperer- baby sleep consultant.

my approach

My approach to sleep is different from other sleep advisors. Using my expertise in child development and now as a sleep trainer I have devised sensory sleep routines based on;

  • Normal child development
  • Scientific sleep research
  • Behavioural problems associated with sleep
  • Sensory sleep associations

More importantly they do not involve leaving your baby to cry. They promote safe sleeping and breastfeeding.

Introducing my sensory sleep associations dramatically reduces and stops tired crying at sleep times relaxing babies or toddlers and the results are seen within days. The sensory techniques are baby friendly and parent empowering, based on child development and behavioural problems associated with sleep.

My multisensory sleep routines are baby-led; this empowers parents to recognise that babies use various cries or other sounds as they develop to get their attention. It is the first stage of language development and my techniques encourage parents to interpret, empathise and understand what their baby is saying to them.