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the multi-sensory technique

Baby Sleep Help Smell – Cheshire Baby Whisperer

sleep & the sense of smell

Babies can make positive and negative sleep associations with smell. Introducing a comforter from birth is one way of introducing a positive sleep-smell association.

Baby Sleep Therapy Sound

sleep & the sense of sound

The first sound babies hear is their mother’s heartbeat and womb sounds. If you introduce a musical sleep toy from birth, your baby will make a sleep-sound attachment to it.

Baby Sleep Help Sight

sleep & the sense of sight

Babies are attracted to colours, lights and moving patterns from birth and the last thing your baby sees before drifting off to sleep will become a sleep association.

Baby Sleep Support Touch

sleep & the sense of touch

Loving touch and cuddles are important for a baby's emotional development. However, babies and toddlers do not need to be held at sleep time. Excessive touch at sleep times prevents self settling.

Baby Sleep Techniques Taste – Cheshire Baby Whisperer

sleep & the sense of taste

Dummies and milk feeds at sleep times will affect your babies' sleeping patterns. Follow my Multi-Sensory Sleep Routines to avoid a milk-sleep association becoming an issue.