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Help with baby sleep problems

Welcome to my unique multi sensory natural sleep programmes for babies and toddlers

Baby or Toddler sleep questions?

Parents constantly ask for help dealing with:

  • Settling baby into a relaxed sleep routine
  • Baby waking 4-5 times a night
  • 4 month sleep regression
  • Developmental leaps
  • Night weaning
  • Baby waking in 45 min sleep cycles
  • Transition from Moses Basket/Crib to cot
  • Transition from cot to bed
  • Toddler temper tantrums at bedtime
  • 4/5 AM waking
  • Day naps
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I have developed complete answers to these questions using proven natural, and gentle techniques which achieve successful results in days...

These are covered in an innovative book and video combo I have created which combine with one to one online support packages.

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The Complete answer...

Hello my name is Evelyn Burdon and I am a baby sleep consultant with 35 yrs experience. I have devised unique, natural, multisensory techniques to naturally improve sleep routines suited to every baby and toddler.

The multisensory baby sleep training programs are based on scientific research and the behavioural problems associated with sleep. My baby sleep training techniques are designed to be holistic, gentle and caring and proven to get successful results in days not weeks.

If you are seeking answers to Baby or Toddler Sleep questions or help with sleep problems, my book and online video combo provide a complete guide to life changing techniques leading to better and peaceful nights. The book and video will enable you to identify the cause of your child's sleep problem or needs and put in place sleep tips and techniques to introduce natural sleep routines quickly and easily.

Many parents like individual support while they are introducing baby sleep techniques.

Online one to one tailored support packages are available Worldwide for babies and toddlers whose parents are looking for individual attention while implementing the baby or toddler sleep techniques. During the complete support programs, I am on call to personally help and assist with baby sleep problems.

  • Do you want to take control of your baby’s sleep problem?
  • Would you like to improve your baby sleep routine?
  • Are you sleep deprived and exhausted?

Help is at hand!

As a baby sleep consultant, I can help and resolve your baby or toddler sleep problems problem quickly and without resorting to "cry it out" methods.

There isn't a baby or toddler sleep problem I haven't been able to resolve. My unique tailored online baby sleep support packages complemented by the book and online video provide a very complete answer to baby sleep questions.

"Holistic, gentle and caring with proven techniques to get successful results in days not weeks."

Baby Sleep Help

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If you have any questions about my techniques or need help with baby sleep problems, do feel free to Contact Me

Baby Sleep Problems Help Support Guide – Evelyn Burdon – Cheshire Baby Whisperer

the ultimate sleep guide for babies and toddlers

Evelyn Burdon’s groundbreaking natural multi sensory baby sleep techniques are explained in depth in this much sought after book now achieving sales Worldwide.

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Within 4-7 days babies and toddlers can:

  • Sleep for longer periods at night
  • Experience calmer and peaceful bedtimes
  • Enjoy playing in the cot
  • Sleep independently and able to self soothe