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Hello My name is Evelyn Burdon and I am a baby sleep therapist and consultant. I have developed highly effective techniques which offer real help with baby sleep problems. My multisensory sleep training programs are designed to rapidly reduce and resolve baby sleep problems without using indiscriminate "crying it out" methods.

I've been supporting and helping parents with baby and toddler sleep problems for over 30 years. Although my background is health visiting, it was when I had my own children that I experienced the consequences of a baby sleep problem first hand.

Sleep deprivation and exhaustion can have long lasting detrimental effects on all the family; in fact, parents may find the child sleep problem more stressful than dealing with health problems.

Tired and stressed parents are often too exhausted to untangle the complicated behavioural problems associated with sleep. Therefore, it is essential that parents have clear knowledge and understanding of sleep, as they are part of the problem and most definitely can be part of the solution.

I have devised a range of specialist sleep programs to suit every baby or toddler based on my experience and scientific research. These address and give very effective help with baby sleep problems. My multi sensory baby to toddler sleep techniques and sleep routines have brought welcome relief to parents worldwide. They are designed to be holistic, gentle and caring and proven to give successful results in days not weeks.

Baby Sleep Problems Help Support Consultant – Evelyn Burdon

evelyn burdon - Cheshire Baby Whisperer

Baby Sleep Problems Help Support Guide – Evelyn Burdon – Cheshire Baby Whisperer

the ultimate sleep guide for babies and toddlers

Evelyn Burdon’s groundbreaking natural multi sensory baby sleep techniques are explained in depth in this much sought after book now achieving sales Worldwide.

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Within 4-7 days babies and toddlers can:

  • Sleep for longer periods at night
  • Experience calmer and peaceful bedtimes
  • Enjoy playing in the cot
  • Sleep independently and able to self soothe