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Baby Sleep Problems Help Support Consultant – Evelyn Burdon

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Evelyn is a professional child sleep consultant. She has midwifery and health visitor qualifications, and is a member of 3 prestigious sleep associations. BSS, APSC, IACSC.

Evelyn has developed a unique Multi Sensory Sleep Program for sleep deprived, exhausted parents, who can’t see the wood for the trees. Using gentle techniques she will help you and your child to achieve their unique sleep potential.

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Three Week Sleep Plan

If you like a plan then this comprehensive three week sleep plan was made for you.

There are three sleep scenarios to consider, day naps, bedtime routine and nighttime waking. It takes 3 weeks to transition most babies to sleep independently using gentle distraction techniques.

The three week sleep plan covers all aspects of baby/toddler sleep behaviour in an easy to read format. There are plans for babies aged 3 - 6 months, 6 - 12 months, 12 - 18 months, 18 - 24 months and toddlers 2 - 5 years.

Your three week sleep plan includes the book, videos and one phone call. More help is available if needed and you can upgrade to the unlimited sleep program at any time.

Baby Sleep Problems Help Support Guide – Evelyn Burdon – Cheshire Baby Whisperer

the ultimate sleep guide for babies and toddlers

Evelyn Burdon’s groundbreaking natural multi sensory baby sleep techniques are explained in depth in this much sought after book now achieving sales Worldwide.

The Multi Sensory Sleep program will give you...

  • Unlimited daily personalised tel/text support
  • The best self settling techniques using non-cry it out methods
  • Age appropriate better napping schedule so your baby sleeps for longer
  • Techniques to reduce night time waking
  • A more rested and happier baby. Happier mum Happier baby
  • Your evenings back to relax and spend time with your partner
  • Knowledge to predict your baby’s day naps so you can leave the house with confidence
  • A night off. Once your baby has learnt the skills of self settling daddy, grandma, sister or friend can put your little one to bed