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Toddler sleep

How to solve problems at bedtime Set up the toddler bedroom to be sensory and appealing. If you are worried about your child getting out of the bedroom use a safety gate by the door. Don’t start the routine too soon otherwise you will be upstairs for hours wasting time and getting frustrated. The time […]

Shy sensitive child

If you are shy sensitive person then some of your personality and characteristics are carried in your genes and pass down to your baby; personality traits are hereditary and babies are born with them. If your baby has a sensitive nature and a determined personality trait, resolving a sleep problem may require extra time and […]

Boisterous and adventurous child

The Adventurous baby I have used this expression many times to describe a baby: usually a boy who is full of fun and energy ‘into everything’, fearless and wanting to explore the world. Quite often, they have an independent, determined and persistent streak, which can lead to inner conflict, especially if they have become dependent […]

Understanding your baby’s cry

All babies cry. It is healthy and normal. Imagine how horrendous it would be in the delivery room if your baby didn’t take in their first breath and cry. Crying is the babies form of communication and they express emotion using a variety of cries. Some babies are more vocal and expressive than other babies, […]

Separation Anxiety

Many parents report separation anxiety in the baby from ages year  to 18 months of age. Separation anxiety is a normal phase of child development. Older Babies enjoy their new physical freedom and independence, but still need and cling to, the parents for emotional security and happiness. Child psychologist explain the bond between baby and […]

How to make the nursery Multi-Sensory

Most parents plan the nursery months ahead of the delivery. It is a lovely time, and when the baby has arrived most nurseries are set up and ready to go. Even though babies sleep in the same room as mum and dad for several months, the nursery is used every day, initially for changing and, […]

Why is sleep important to human health?

Quality sleep is vital for human health. Humans have biological rhythms known as circadian rhythm is, which control our body clock. Poor quality sleep can cause a circadian rhythm sleep disorder, which is linked to ill health and prolonged periods of sleep deprivation can have detrimental effect on all the family. Lack of sleep causes […]

How to solve frequent night time waking in babies over 6 months.

If you’ve been following my multisensory approach to sleep and have implemented my bedtime sequence ;
last feed before bath, playtime in the cot, fun bath time and then in the cot with red glow light and soothing sleep sounds. This will have transformed your evenings. Fantastic result!