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Are you sleep deprived, exhausted and confused, don’t know where to start, and cannot see the wood for the trees?

Help is at hand

I am a conscientious, dedicated health professional with 30 years experience, first as a midwife and then health visitor, and I am passionate about supporting parents. Changing a complex baby sleep problem takes practice, patience and perseverance. This is not a cry it out method, to introduce change gently takes time to allow the baby to adapt to change before we move onto the next step. This minimises any unnecessary distress for you and your little one.

Which package will suit your needs?

Choose the 1:1 Sleep Consultation for an hour long chat to share your story and hear some great advice.
Or the Gentle Sleep Support package for extra support until the sleep problem is resolved.

Gentle Sleep Support package

1:1 Personalised plans and support to enable your little one reach their natural sleep potential. The Gentle Sleep Support package is designed to take baby steps, going at your little one's pace, therefore suitable for any age of baby/toddler needing support falling to sleep and waking frequently in the night.

Every package includes:

  • 3 x 30 minute telephone consultation to assess progress, make small tweaks and suggestions for the next steps.
  • Highly acclaimed book, the Ultimate Sleep Guide for Babies and Toddlers.
  • Online videos demonstrating the multisensory sleep techniques.
  • Tailored sleep plan for children 0-5 yrs.

When you’ve purchased please text 07715 305 331 to arrange your telephone consultation

Gentle Sleep Support package


1:1 sleep consultation

Are you tired and worried about your baby or child's sleeping or feeding habits? Just need someone to listen to your concerns? I hear you. I’ve been helping worried parents with baby/child sleep and health problems for over 30 years, first as a midwife, then health visitor, and over 10 yrs as a highly qualified and experienced sleep consultant. I guarantee I will find the right solution for your family. During our conversation I will explain in detail what is causing the problem and give gentle solutions. Following on from the consultation I will text with the main points from our conversation. A week of texting support is also included in this purchase.

Buy now and text 07715 305 331 to arrange your consultation.


Baby Sleep Problems Help Support Guide – Evelyn Burdon – Cheshire Baby Whisperer

Acclaimed book & online video

The Ultimate Sleep Guide for Babies and Toddlers and online video, Sweet Baby Dreams by Acclaimed Baby Sleep Therapist, Evelyn Burdon (The Cheshire Baby Whisperer)

Now available in one package – The extraordinary groundbreaking Baby Sleep Techniques explored and explained (Included in main support packages above). Includes personalised sleep plan.

E-book & Online Video


Paperback & Online Video

£8.99 plus £2.99 P&P

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Our baby was really struggling with sleep, we were up every hour in the night and it could sometimes take another hour to settle her. We were at breaking point so we asked for help. Evelyn's support was amazing, we felt like we were helping our baby learn and develop the way she needed rather than forcing our routine on her. She really listened to our needs and went the extra mile to make sure we got sorted! Highly recommended. Our baby is so much happier and sleeps much better. Hayley Sheen - September 2019

Our 8 month old breast fed baby had never slept for more than 2 hours (often waking every 45 mins / hourly) during the night needing to feed to get back to sleep. We were co-sleeping and exhausted. Just 2 weeks in and down to one wake up through the night, we’ve had 3 nights where she has slept straight through, and is in her own room now! I never thought this was possible. I wasn’t prepared to try cry it out methods, this is such a gentle approach and has been life changing for us! Thank you Evelyn xx Sarah Smith- 2019