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Are you sleep deprived, exhausted and confused, don’t know where to start, and cannot see the wood for the trees?

Help is at hand

I am a conscientious, dedicated health professional with 30 years experience, first as a midwife and then health visitor, and I am passionate about supporting parents. Changing a complex baby sleep problem takes practice, patience and perseverance. This is not a cry it out method, to introduce change gently takes time to allow the baby to adapt to change before we move onto the next step. This minimises any unnecessary distress for you and your little one.

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Unlimited Sleep Program

  • Suitable for any type of sleep problem in children 3 months to 5 years
  • Unlimited email, text, tel/ video call, until the sleep problem is resolved to your satisfaction
  • Up to 3 month follow up support
  • Full sleep assessment and written customised sleep plan
  • Real-time tel/text support during the bedtime routine Monday to Thursday evening
  • Daily debrief and weekend plan
  • Online Book and video links

Text now to arrange a Free 15 minute phone call, and I will make a provisional sleep assessment of your little one’s sleep problem.

Tel: 07715 305 331

Alternatively, if you are ready to purchase, please click the paypal button below

Price: £210

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Acclaimed book & online video

The Ultimate Sleep Guide for Babies and Toddlers and online video, Sweet Baby Dreams by Acclaimed Baby Sleep Therapist, Evelyn Burdon (The Cheshire Baby Whisperer)

Baby Sleep Problems Help Support Guide – Evelyn Burdon – Cheshire Baby Whisperer

Now available in one package – The extraordinary groundbreaking Baby Sleep Techniques explored and explained (Included in main support packages above). Includes personalised sleep plan.

E-book & Online Video


Paperback & Online Video

£8.99 plus £2.99 P&P

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I was sceptical and desperate. Our 6month old was waking every hour through the night, fully reliant Evelyn has now helped us with 2 children and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Despite working in the health profession, I had absolutely no idea how much sleep my babies needed and how to support their sleep potential. Evelyn’s sensory techniques are clear and easy to follow and really help to create a positive cot association - key to maximising sleep potential. Both my children now enjoy going to bed and we, and other care givers eg grandparents, nursery staff, have commented how relaxed and calm nap and bedtimes . Evelyn is proactively supportive and readily available to guide through sleep regressions, teething and illness. I would highly recommend her. Many thanks Evelyn ! Sophie Ware - September 2019

If you haven’t read this ladies book and started the bedtime routine then you are missing a trick! Her advice is always spot on and develops with your child. We have followed from day one and now at almost 2 years old my friends and family all say what a wonderful sleeper our daughter is! I genuinely believe anyone can crack the sleeping if you follow the routine! Steph Joanne - 2018