Shy sensitive child

If you are shy sensitive person then some of your personality and characteristics are carried in your genes and pass down to your baby; personality traits are hereditary and babies are born with them.

If your baby has a sensitive nature and a determined personality trait, resolving a sleep problem may require extra time and patience.

My Multi-Sensory Approach to sleep is perfect for sensory babies; it calms, relaxes and helps babies make positive sleep associations. In my experience sensitive babies seem more relaxed if they have a structured routine.

Sensitive babies are wary and cautious of new experiences and need time to adapt to changes in their surroundings. When a parent recognises that they have a sensitive baby, they can respond to their babies needs in the most appropriate empathic way: sensitive babies require more time to adjust to any changes in their life, such as meeting new people, visiting new places and changes of routine. Giving your baby more time to adjust reduces stress levels and rebuild their confidence and security. I would recommend that you keep your sensitive baby’s sleeping environment as stable as possible. By following my Multi-Sensory Sleep Technique appropriate for your babies age, you’re gradually introducing your baby sensory sleep associations.

Key points for the shy, sensitive baby

  • Encourage a positive sleep attachment to a teddy or a comforter
  • Avoid making changes that could disrupt the bedtime routine
  • Avoid starting sleep routines too early, as persistent  crying  at sleep times are not conducive to quality sleep.
  • Aim to make every sleep-time baby led and not mum led. In my experience starting sleep routines too early causes resistance and is the main cause of sleep problems in older babies.
  • Increase your babies positive attachment to the cot. Incorporate a period of playtime in the cot for 5 to 10 minutes any time during the  day.
  • Keep the bath-to -cot/bed sequence short, simple and flowing
  • Avoid disruptions such as going into other rooms to get clothes and don’t allow siblings to come into the room
  • Keep sleep routine simple uncomplicated and repetitive as you’re sensitive baby will notice any changes

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