Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Please note: By making any purchase via this website you accept the following terms and conditions which includes specific consent for your personal details to be used for the purpose of enabling transactions to be made via the website and contact to be made with you in relation to any support, service, or item purchased through this website.

The Vendor shall dispatch goods to the purchaser within 2 days of receipt of payment or shall notify the purchaser if goods are unavailable or if there is any delay which may result in goods being delivered outside this period. In the event of a delay being more than 28 days the Vendor shall offer the purchaser the right to cancel the order and shall make immediate refund to the purchaser of monies paid if the order is cancelled by the purchaser resulting from the delay.

Refused Shipments: Shipments returned marked refused will not result in refund and refusal of a shipment does not relieve the purchaser’s liability for paying any carriage charges incurred in the return of the goods to the vendor.

These terms shall be deemed to have been made in England and shall in all respects be governed by English Law except where the statutory rights of consumers within the European Union are otherwise protected within the law of the state or country of delivery.

In respect of consumer statutory rights within the European Union these are unaffected by these terms and conditions.

Therapy/support will be made available subject to there being no valid reason whereby services may not be available such as sickness or ill health. Support services shall be made available at such times as shall be specified by the Cheshire Baby Whisperer to the subscriber but shall normally be available on a daily basis at specified times.

No refunds are given for access to the ebook or online video nor for the supply of any hardcopy of the book supplied through this website. In the event that a hardcopy book is not received after an order has been placed, or is damaged in transit, we must be notified within 7 days of the order being dispatched.

Refunds are not available for any treatment/therapy/support or techniques subscribed for. All treatment and support techniques are subject to the knowledge that involvement with the baby/toddler is required by the person(s) seeking support in relation to applying prescribed therapies or techniques. Dissatisfaction with advice or support received or in the contents of any material issued by the Cheshire Baby Whisperer does to entitle the purchaser to any refund whatsoever although the Cheshire Baby Whisperer shall make every effort to provide proper and full support to purchasers seeking help or guidance.

Parents/carers are responsible for advising the Cheshire Baby Whisperer of any medical treatment or condition which may affect the wellbeing of the baby or toddler receiving treatment via this website. Failure to do so will invalidate any claims whatsoever purporting to result from the therapy prescribed or advice given.

The purchaser understands and accepts that no refunds are given for any support package available via this website unless the service subscribed for cannot be supplied.

No liability is accepted by the Cheshire Baby Whisperer for acts or omissions by users of this website whatsoever although proper advice and support will be given upon request if any user is experiencing problems associated with guidance given by the Cheshire Baby Whisperer.

Personal data will only be retained for the purpose of completing any transaction via the website or for the purposes of making contact with purchasers in order to provide support techniques, therapy, or help. All personal data will be securely disposed of 12 months after any purchase or from the last date of any support given resulting from subscriptions made through this website. Personal data will not be shared by the owner of this website with any third party whatsoever.

Customer Service and support is available by using the online contact form on this Site or by telephone using the number shown on the contact page of this website. The cost of any telephone calls shall be at the applicable rate of the Country of origin. No premium rate telephone charges are levied by this organisation nor do we receive any share of any telephone call charges. The telephone lines are open normally Monday to Friday between the hours of 9-00am and 5-00pm GMT or BST depending on the time of year.

Please Note: Every possible help and support will be given to assist with baby or toddler sleep problems