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Purchasing Terms & Conditions

Terms of Business and Conditions of Sale relating to purchases from or from

All orders for goods accepted by PlayDreams (the Vendor) are accepted subject to the following conditions that shall form part of and govern the contract of sale

Acceptance of goods by the purchaser shall be deemed to be acceptance of these conditions of sale

Please note: All orders for products or services will be acknowledged but confirmation of the price shall at all times be when the order is accepted by the Vendor and such orders shall be shipped at the prices shown on the order acceptance which shall normally be the price or cost as shown on our Web Site on the date of the order. Up to date prices can be found on our Web Site which is continuously updated

The Vendor shall have the right to notify the purchaser in the event an order cannot be fulfilled. In such an event, a refund will be offered without delay or an alternative product offered. The purchaser shall have the absolute right to accept or refuse any alternative product so offered


1. Payment, Delivery and Price

a. Payment is to be made via credit or debit card or other method shown as acceptable on this Web Site and no other methods of payment are acceptable unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Vendor and no goods shall be dispatched until payment has been made to and accepted by the Vendor. Credit card companies may require address verification (your credit card billing address) or other security information on web site transactions. Any incorrect information given may result in a delayed or cancelled order for which the vendor accepts no responsibility

b. Orders are shipped with any delivery costs shown where appropriate.

c. The Vendor shall dispatch goods to the purchaser normally within 7 days of receipt of payment or shall notify the purchaser if goods are unavailable or if there is any delay which may result in goods being delivered outside this period. In the event of a delay being more than 28 days the Vendor shall offer the purchaser the right to cancel the order and shall make immediate refund to the purchaser of monies paid if the order is cancelled by the purchaser resulting from the delay.

d. In the event that any goods are unavailable the Vendor shall make a refund to the purchaser of monies paid or notify the purchaser if only part of an order can be fulfilled and offer the purchaser the opportunity to accept part of the order. If the purchaser accepts part of the order the Vendor shall make refund to the purchaser of monies paid relating to the unavailable goods only. If the purchaser declines to accept part of the order a full refund of monies paid shall be made by the Vendor.

e. Our policy requires 100% prepayment in advance for any orders made from this web site. Such payments are not refundable once the merchandise is ordered except as shown in these terms.

2. Liability

a. Liability for any claim for damage by the purchaser shall diminish with delay in notification to the vendor and the purchaser should notify the vendor of any damage to goods within 48 hours of delivery. This period may be extended at the sole discretion of the Vendor or where the manufacturer's replacement policy extends the deadline. This does not prejudice any rights accruing to the purchaser under UK Consumer Protection Law

b. In the event that any item purchased from the website is the wrong size or fails to fit but is not faulty the vendors shall replace the item but shall not accept liability for a refund.

c. The vendors liability may diminish in the event of a delay in notification by the purchaser to the vendor of missing items within a reasonable period from the date of delivery and such notification should be made within 48 hours of delivery.

d. In the event that goods differ in quantity or description from those ordered the purchaser shall notify the Vendor in writing within 5 days of delivery and failure to do so could diminish the liability of the Vendor.

e. In the case of manufacturers who operate direct product support and returns procedures, the purchaser accepts an obligation to process their claim directly through the manufacturer although the vendor will render assistance with this process and shall assume any applicable responsibility under UK Consumer Protection Law

f. No liability is accepted for the use or misuse of any item purchased via this website and purchasers are advised to ensure they fully follow any product instructions and properly supervise the use of any products by babies or pre-school children at all times.

g. No liability is accepted by the owners of this resulting from the choice of items selected for display by the Cheshire Baby Whisperer nor from the following of advice which may be given by the Cheshire Baby Whisperer. If there are any concerns over the advice offered by the Cheshire Baby Whisperer in relation to the wellbeing of a child in terms of any health implications, medical advice should always be sought from your GP or if there are concerns of a more serious or pressing nature appropriate medical guidance sought without delay. The Health Service advice line may be contacted by calling 111 on any phone

h. If a purchaser wishes to return an item for a refund a request must be made within 48 hours of receipt and any returns must be received by the Vendor within a period of 14 days from the date of delivery to the purchaser but if a return is made which arrives at the return address of the Vendor later than 14 days from the date of delivery refunds will be made purely at the discretion of the Vendor

The returns address is: The Managed Suite, Forte Trinity, Triangle House, The Avenue, Leigh WN7 1ES

3. Returned Goods

a. The vendor reserves the right to charge a fee on goods returned for credit which are damaged or not in stock condition where notification has not been given by the purchaser of any damage to the goods when making any returns

b. The purchaser has the right to cancel the order and return any goods ordered via this website within 14 days from the date of delivery without incurring any charges apart from the cost of carriage subject to the goods being returned in stock condition with no damage and the vendor will refund the purchase cost upon receipt of the goods but a full refund will only be given if the product packaging is intact and undamaged

c. The purchaser shall unless otherwise stated be responsible for the cost of return of all goods to the vendor and the returned goods shall be at the risk of the purchaser until actual receipt of the goods by the Vendor. The onus of proof of safe delivery shall rest with the purchaser

d. All items claimed to be faulty or damaged dispatched for return to the Vendor more than 14 days from the date of delivery and found to contain no fault will not be subject to a refund and may be returned to the purchaser. In the event it becomes necessary to recover goods which are not faulty the costs of recovery shall be the responsibility of the purchaser.

e. The vendor shall give a guarantee to refund to the purchaser full credit for any goods returned in stock condition provided they are dispatched for return within 14 working days of delivery which shall not affect the statutory rights of the consumer or purchaser under applicable UK consumer protection legislation which shall normally be laws or regulations in the Country of origin which for this website shall be those of the UK or where superseded by those of the European Union

f. No credit shall be allowed for goods until they have been received complete and in stock condition by the vendor

g. A full credit including carriage costs shall be given by the vendor to the purchaser in the event that goods are faulty or damaged at the time of delivery and notice of fault or damage is given by the purchaser to the Vendor within 48 hours of delivery

h. Refused Shipments: Shipments returned marked refused will not result in refund and refusal of a shipment does not relieve the purchaser’s liability for paying any carriage charges incurred in the return of the goods to the Vndor

4. Consequential Loss

The extent of the vendor liability to the purchaser for any default or breach whatsoever and howsoever arising shall in no case exceed the invoice value of the goods and the vendor shall in no circumstances whatsoever be liable to the purchaser in respect of any loss or damage whether suffered by the purchaser or by any customer of the purchaser and whether direct or indirect consequential or howsoever arising except where the parties to the transaction could have contemplated such a loss at the time of the contract

5. Law and Privacy

a. If any part of these terms and conditions shall be found to be unlawful it shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remainder of the conditions provided the contract is capable of continuing without such terms and conditions

b. These terms shall be deemed to have been made in the UK and shall in all respects be governed by UK Law

c. The vendors comply in all aspects with Privacy Regulations - The Vendors give an unequivocal warranty that the identity of all purchasers or those making contact via this website will not be shared with any third party whatsoever for any purposes except for the purpose of clearing any transactions wherein the purchasers identity is encrypted via secure payment protection nor shall information about any person be stored electronically or otherwise unless with the specific written permission of the individual and then only for the purposes of notifying offers or promotions via this website. In the event permission has been given to store the data of any person such permission may be withdrawn by emailing

6. General information

When you require Customer Services please contact us via email at:

For us to give you customer service quickly please have give the following information:


In the event of any complaint or customer care matter please contact us via the email address shown and we will endeavour to resolve matters as rapidly as possible and normally within five working days.

Support Line for technical enquiries only relating to problems encountered using the website please email at

Our postal address for customer services is: The Managed Suite, Forte Trinity, Triangle House, The Avenue, Leigh WN7 1ES

We are confident that these procedures will enable us to offer you a better and speedier service. However, if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

7. Consumer Rights

The terms and conditions listed for purchasers are determined by specific UK consumer legislation and the rights of the purchaser are governed by such consumer legislation. If there is any conflict between the Terms and Conditions of this Website and consumer legislation the rights of the consumer under the legislation will not be affected

8. Methods of Payment

All purchasers will pay the VAT inclusive price if applicable (VAT at appropriate rate, currently 20%). Payment is only accepted by credit/debit card unless otherwise agreed with the vendor. Visa/Mastercard, Switch and Delta cards are acceptable either by Paypal or direct depending on method of payment selected subject to individual credit/debit limits and the authorisation policy of the card issuing organisations. We cannot accept any responsibility or liability in the event that a card payment fails or is refused.

9. Suitability of Goods or Services

We do not warrant the suitability of goods or services for a particular purpose other than that illustrated within product/service instructions specifications or guides and purchasers should check specifications, size, and suitability before ordering.

10. Security

Security on the transaction is protected by the secure server process of Paypal. Specific server security is handled by third party payment providers which include both Paypal and Secure Trading – Specific security information may be obtained by contacting these organisations directly. No payments are accepted by this website directly except through third party payment gateways and, therefore, card details are not stored except for processing payments via third party providers who may be contacted directly

Customer Service and support is available by using the online contact form on this Site.

Thank You